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SHARE Foundation is a not-for-profit Christian organization serving the residential, vocational, and social needs of mentally challenged or other-abled adults. Our 185-acre community, Sharing Meadows, provides a tranquil place for other-abled adults to live, work, and relax in peace and dignity. There, the unique gifts of each individual are recognized and appreciated, as they are able to focus on what they are able to do.

SHARE Foundation receives no government support whatsoever; we have always relied solely upon private donations and our own fundraising efforts to support our work. Our professional staff is augmented by hundreds of volunteers – friends, students, and professionals, who share their time and their talent while they learn and experience the value of other-abled adults.

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Come join us on Monday, November 19th from 10 AM – 11 PM at the Michigan City Panda Express. Be sure to use this flyer and 20% of the funds from your meal will go towards the scholarship program at Camp Sharing Meadows. Let’s help EVERYONE who wants to go to camp to come this year!

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