How is the SHARE Foundation funded?

SHARE Foundation does not receive any government support but has always relied solely upon private donations and its own fundraising efforts to support its work. SHARE Foundation’s own fundraising efforts include four major events each year: the Spring Luncheon, the Share Classic Golf Outing, the Leprechaun Hunt©, and the Share Our Dreams Gala and Silent Auction. Click here for a complete calendar of upcoming SHARE events.

Who is on the board of directors?

SHARE Foundation’s board of directors is made up of parents of other-abled people and of other interested volunteers representing industries such as finance, education, insurance, and construction. The president of the board is Father Blaney, a retired priest from Northwest Indiana. He started the SHARE Foundation over 20 years ago. Currently, half of our board members reside in or operate businesses in LaPorte County; the other half represents St. Joseph County.Click here for a complete listing of our current Board of Directors.

What is the Leprechaun Hunt©?

The Leprechaun Hunt© is an annual fundraiser held the first Sunday in August. Our last Leprechaun Hunt© was a great success, with over 2,000 people in attendance. This family fun day is based around the hunt for one of the 28 leprechauns that Father Blaney has hidden throughout the 185 acres of Sharing Meadows. In addition to the hunt, there is entertainment, great food, a live auction, games for children, and much more. The Leprechaun Hunt© is the largest fundraising event of the year. For complete information on the Leprechaun Hunt, click here.

How many newsletters do you send out each month?

Just over 13,000 copies of the Good News are sent all across the country on the first Monday of every month. Although the majority of the newsletters are sent to Northwest Indiana, some travel as far as Alaska and Canada to long distance supporters of the SHARE Foundation.

How can I get involved in the SHARE Foundation?

There are numerous ways to support the SHARE Foundation and its mission. Donations, large or small, are always appreciated. Also, countless volunteer opportunities are available including serving as a camp counselor, labeling newsletters at the mailing, donating something for an auction and much more. For more details, just call the SHARE Foundation office to discover where they have a need or click here for more information.

How many people use the St. Timothy Center camp building each year?

Approximately 800 other-abled adults attend camp and the monthly dances at the St. Timothy Center every year, either at weekend mini-camps or weeklong summer camps. The majority of them are from Lake, LaPorte, and Porter counties, however more campers are starting to come to Sharing Meadows from South Bend, Michigan, and even Indianapolis.

What is a typical day like for the villagers that live at Sharing Meadows?

The villagers that live year round at Sharing Meadows engage in a variety of activities. During the week, their workday starts at 8:30AM with a community prayer and ends at 3:00PM. Work activities include: outdoor and indoor maintenance to keep the facilities beautiful, making woodcrafts, ceramics and various food items to sell for the benefit of SHARE Foundation, and preparing for a variety of events and retreats that are held at Sharing Meadows. After work, the villagers and stewards are free to do what they please such as go shopping, attend area fairs, participate in Special Olympics, go the movies, or spend time with each other.

What is the Memorial Garden at Sharing Meadows?

The Memorial Garden is a place where you can honor your loved ones by placing a brick in a beautiful, peaceful place of remembrance this is seen and enjoyed by the hundreds of people who live at or visit Sharing Meadows each year. The engraved bricks are an enduring reminder of the goodness of the people who are honored and remembered. Two sizes of bricks are available. Click here for details.

Do you offer any internship opportunities?

Yes, the SHARE Foundation welcomes students and is more than willing to work with their college or university to establish an internship program. Students have come to SHARE as camp counselors to serve for the entire five weeks of camp, even as the camp director who plans activities, makes important decisions about campers, and keeps camp flowing as smoothly as possible. Many of our interns have left SHARE Foundation with increased tolerance, patience, and respect for the other-abled; skills which have enriched their careers as physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, and more. Click here for more information on how you can get involved.

Are any of your buildings for rent?

Yes, both our St. Timothy Center and Forcey Guest House are available for rent throughout the year.  Both are nestled within the beautiful grounds of Sharing Meadows and have access to the myriad of amenities that our 185 acre community boasts.  It is the perfect place for holding meetings away from the office, daily and overnight stays and retreats, and even wedding ceremonies, receptions, and family reunions!  We have other special events occurring throughout the year, so please don’t delay in requesting dates for your very special event!

Where is Sharing Meadows?

Sharing Meadows is located in rural LaPorte county, on County Road 300E, two miles north of Route 20. Click here for further information and directions.

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