Father Blaney’s Friends Club

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“I get by with a little help from my friends!”

Father Blaney's Friends Club 
Father Blaney’s Friends Club

A song written and performed by the Beatles was titled “With a Little Help From My Friends.” The lyrics say, “Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends.” These words describe Father Blaney’s Friends Club because your membership – your friendship – has provided that little help our villagers need. With a little help from their friends, they have learned new skills and provided a little help to their friends.

Father Blaney's Friends Club

Your membership in Friends Club is a great gift. Our villagers are amazing individuals with many talents to share and they don’t need tasks done for them, they only need a little help from you, their friends, to succeed. Your friendship has provided that help and they thank God for your presence in their lives.

Father Blaney's Friends Club

Continue to give the gift of friendship at Sharing Meadows by renewing your Friends Club membership today. Your membership will support Sharing Meadows and assure the villagers that they will continue to get by with a little help from their friends.

FRIENDS CLUB is a special club where friends come together to enjoy the comfort and assurance of friendship while providing a little help to other abled adults. FRIENDS CLUB not only helps other abled adults grow in love and friendship, it also assists all people involved in our organization to form new friendships that last a lifetime while maintaining the old.

The development of Sharing Meadows continues because of the tremendous support from our FRIENDS and we hope you become part of this special club. We are enclosing two membership cards, one for your renewal and one to share with a friend. Membership in the FRIENDS CLUB remains just $40, the same as last year. Each month you will receive our newsletter, the GOOD NEWS, and will automatically be entered in a drawing to win one of three $100 gift certificates to your favorite restaurant. You might also be selected as the HIDDEN WINNER for the month – your name hidden somewhere in the newsletter. If you see your name as the hidden winner, call us before the end of the month and we’ll send you $40. Renew your membership today! Recruit a new friend for us today! Thank you, FRIENDS!

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Sharing Meadows Progress

1991       Land is purchased
1992       First road, Mandich Blvd., is built
                Elias Building is constructed for storage
1993       Main entrance road, Cidulka Blvd. is built
1994       First 3 homes, the Village of St. John is opened
                Fishing shed is constructed next to Tucker Lake 
1995       St. Timothy Center Camp Building is constructed
1996       Woodworking room constructed in Elias Building 
1997       Corporate office is built at Sharing Meadows
1998       Ceramic studio is in operation
                Path to campfire is paved
1999       3rd Road, Mihalo Blvd. is constructed
                Three additional homes are built
2000       Village of St. Vincent is opened
2001       Addition to Elias Building is constructed
                St. Timothy Center parking lot is paved
2002       Swimming pool and Smolen Pool House are constructed
2003       2nd Storage building is constructed
                Welcome signs installed at both entrances to Sharing Meadows
                Endowment fund is established
2004       Weis Blvd., is built
                Village of St. Theresa is constructed and opened
2005       All Sharing Meadows roads are paved
                Forcey House, for guests and visitors, is completed
2006       Mack Blvd. is dedicated
2007       Road is constructed leading to 4th village
                Construction begins on 4th village
2008       Village of St. Jane & St. Joan is opened
2009       Pier is added to Hog Lake, giving us access for fishing and boating
2010       Deck is constructed overlooking the pier at Hog Lake 
2011       Construction begins on a gazebo overlooking Hog Lake
2012       The Coleman Gazebo, overlooking Hog Lake is completed
                Road is constructed leading to 5th village
                Construction begins on 5th village
2013       Village of St. Mary & St. Joseph is opened

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