Fulltime Employment

There are several people currently working full-time for the Share Foundation. Some positions are administrative while the stewards work hands-on with the Villagers. Each employee contributes to the growth and success of the Share Foundation and its programs for other-abled adults.

Currently, we are accepting applications for fulltime employment in the following positions:

House Manager/Steward

Experience in caring for others is required. Experience with developmentally disabled people is preferred. A steward must be emotionally mature, objective, flexible, responsible, demonstrate good judgment, communication and teaching skills, have patience with others, and be able to work well independently and as well as with others. A yearlong commitment is required.

The steward provides services directly to the villagers including teaching the necessary skills, assisting to maintain a clean and safe living environment, preparing meals, and maintaining personal hygiene/grooming. The steward is responsible for supervising, training, and assisting villagers in every aspect of their lives, with the goal of fostering more independence and happiness in their lives. A steward must approach the villagers with equality, respect, and a positive attitude. The steward is responsible for supervising, training, and assisting villagers in their vocational training, socialization, nutrition, transportation, and decision-making. A steward is responsible for maintaining a healthy living environment within his/her home, budgeting household money, and assisting in the upkeep of the homes/community. Finally, there are several organizational responsibilities as follows: demonstrating cooperation with stewards, residential coordinator, work coordinator, and executive director; attending all required training; and acting as a positive role model for the villagers.

Weekly salary of $250.00, two days off per week on a rotating basis, four weeks scheduled vacation, room and board, health insurance, work-related transportation, and a $1200.00 bonus for completing one full year of service. Married persons may apply; spouse may hold another job.

If you have interest in this position, simply click here to download a printable employment application packet to complete and send to us via fax or US Mail.

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