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A 185-acre residential community located in LaPorte County, Indiana, Sharing Meadows consists of five villages: the Village of St. John, the Village of St. Vincent, the Village of St. Theresa, the Village St. Jane & St. Joan, and the village of St. Mary & St. Joseph. Each village is comprised of three homes, with each home being inhabited by two other-abled adults and a full-time steward. The Villagers (residents) have very full lives, adhering to daily work schedules that alternate their vocational training between birdfeeder and birdhouse construction, ceramics workshops, and computer labs. One of the most visionary vocations the other-abled engage in is the planting of thousands of fruit-bearing trees and bushes. This enterprise not only beautifies and improves the land, but it firmly solidifies our economic future by yielding salable goods and food for the villagers – a mini-industry with the potential for significant long-term results.

The SHARE Foundation emphasizes education and views it as a community endeavor, not separate and apart from education and vocational training for other-abled people. To that end, we have often referred to our organization as a training ground for those grappling with life’s choices. Several years ago, a graduate of Notre Dame postponed medical school to live at Sharing Meadows for a year as a steward in one of the villages. After his year of service, he went on to complete medical school, and he still interacts with the villagers, not as a steward any longer, but as their doctor. Clearly, his time at Sharing Meadows still affects his life both professionally and personally. Our hope is that everyone who serves at Sharing Meadows will be able to apply what they have learned here to many aspects of their life.

Hundreds of college students have interned at SHARE Foundation summer camps as counselors and directors. These students have left SHARE to pursue careers in related fields such as special education, physical therapy, and social work. The SHARE Foundation experience teaches students tolerance, patience, and a greater understanding of what it means to have special needs.

For a person to get the most out of Sharing Meadows, we recommend candidates be able to adjust to the following:

  • Live in a rural setting
    We have 185 acres of land halfway between South Bend and Michigan City, adjacent to the Toll Road. The land offers a rural setting with a lake and woods with fruit and nut trees, plants, and small gardens.
  • Receive minimal supervision
    The residents who live at Sharing Meadows should be able to provide their own hygiene and essential daily living needs with minimal supervision.
  • Be willing to share and live peacefully with others
    We are a community of 15 homes and five villages. Each home has one house parent and two residents, all of who have their own room. Being someone who is open and friendly to others is important in this family-like situation.
  • Work with others to improve grounds
    Villagers work on the land, helping them to develop a sense of pride in their community. They maintain an 8:30AM – 3:00PM work day on the land. Various work can include harvesting fruits and nuts, watering, mulching, planting flowers and gardens, mowing grass, weeding, and much more. Minimal supervision and instruction is provided.
  • Work with others to create products
    Villagers’ work days are spent working in craft rooms creating various wood, ceramic, sewing, and cooking products. These products will be sold to earn money for various activities for those who live at Sharing Meadows. Minimal supervision and instruction is provided.
  • Be open to a Christian environment
    SHARE Foundation solely exists to meet the needs of God’s people. We encourage individual personal relationships with God, and to maintain a prayerful home and community environment with meal prayers, work prayers, special prayer services, etc. All residents are respected for their religious preferences and need to be capable of respecting someone else’s and/or the Foundation’s religious preferences.
  • Learn new skills and leverage your own skills
    Sharing Meadows offers individual and group programming to help the residents learn every-day living skills, fostering their independence, while encouraging use of their existing skills.

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