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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, Father Blaney has written a book chronicling the events of his life. The book is titled Sharing Love and it is a delightful story covering his youth, his various parish assignments, his work with other abled individuals and ending with his retirement. He’s included his African safari, travels in Ireland and annual fishing trips to God’s Lake. His sense of humor prevails throughout and many people will recognize themselves in his stories or in one of the many color photographs. 

Copies of Sharing Love are available for $10 each and the author is willing to sign it if you want. Call the office at 219-778-2585 to reserve your book today and own your own copy before it reaches the bestseller list! You can pick up your copy at the SHARE Foundation office or we can mail it to you for a $3 fee for postage. Please make checks payable to Father Dennis Blaney.

Sharing Love

“Sharing Love”
A Book by Father Dennis Blaney – $10.00

Harvesting raspberries is an ongoing Summer project at Sharing Meadows. After picking and cleaning the berries, they are used to make a delicious jam and jelly sold in half pint jars. To complement a savory meat, you might enjoy our quart jars of raspberry applesauce.

Jar of Raspberry Jam or Jelly


A beautifully hand crafted redwood bench that can be used either indoors or outside is now available.  This bench comes in two sizes: 36” x 15” ($50) or 50’ x 16” ($75).
Please note: Due to the size and weight of this item, it cannot be shipped and is only available in the gift shop.

Redwood Bench

Redwood Bench
36″ x 15″ – $50.00
50″ x 16″ – $75.00

Items made by the Villagers

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This wine rack is produced by the Villagers at Sharing Meadows and offered in unassembled kit form. This wine rack is quite sturdy, even though no mechanical fasteners are used in its construction. Each three – tiered wine rack can accommodate a case (12 bottles) of your favorite wine. The rack has been designed to hold bottles at an angle to keep corks from drying out. Racks can be stacked, but for safety reasons, should not be stacked more than two racks high (24 bottles). Additional single tiers are available for $7.50. All racks are beautiful just as they are (Natural Finish), or we can finish them with your favorite stain and topcoat.

Wine Rack
WINE RACK – $25.00

Butterflies bring great joy to a garden setting. No matter whether it’s a small city garden, a larger suburban garden, or a huge country garden, butterflies aren’t picky about size. What they are choosy about is food (nectar).

Plant some perennials like sunflowers, daisies, zinnias, cosmos, or, the all-time favorite of the butterfly, the Butterfly Bush. Butterflies need leafy green plants during their larval stage and then, during their adult cycle, the plants mentioned above. Casual research indicates that the Butterfly Bush is the most successful at attracting butterflies.

Your handcrafted Sharing Meadows Butterfly House will provide many species of butterflies with a roosting place during windy weather. Butterflies are very leery of the wind, and will head for cover when the wind picks up. The correct plants will attract butterflies to your garden, where they will get used to the house. The butterfly house has a mounting hole on the backside for easy installation on a tree near the garden, or on a post or stake in the garden amongst the flowers. After the butterflies have migrated or hibernated for the year, use the clean-out screw on the side to open and clean out the box.

When you put out your butterfly house, face it East – Southeast (away from prevailing winds). Place a few twigs and leaves inside the house to provide roosting for the butterflies. It may take more than one season for butterflies to begin using your house.

Butterfly Houses

Sharing Meadows NO-PERCH bluebird house is made of pine or another “white” wood.

Bluebird habitat consists of open areas with sparse trees, such as fields, prairies, meadows, cemeteries, roadsides, pastures, and golf courses. Mount houses about five feet above the ground and 300 feet apart (bluebirds are territorial). A bluebird trail consists of five or more houses along a road or fence line. Houses should be ready by late March, and should be checked every seven to ten days from late March to mid August. A nest should be removed as soon as a brood leaves the nest box – this allows a second brood to be raised.

It is extremely important that you keep house sparrows and starlings away from your bluebird house(s). They are extremely aggressive nesters, often killing other birds in order to occupy a house or nest. Bluebirds generally respond positively to helping human hands.

Peterson Bluebird Houses

The villagers spend their time in the Fall collecting walnuts from trees at Sharing Meadows, as well as from the surrounding community. Collecting walnuts is a big job, but that’s only the beginning! The walnuts are husked, dried, and cracked. Finally, the Villagers pick the nuts out of the shells and fill jar after jar with wonderful black walnuts. They are perfect for baking into breads, cookies, and other dishes. The walnuts are great for snacking as well! Each pint size jar is sealed and covered with material.

Black Walnuts

Each wren house is constructed and sold in its natural color. The house can be stained, but you will have to wait several months to put the stained house outside so that the stain will not harm the birds. There is a metal hook on top of the house for hanging.

Wren Houses
WREN HOUSES – $10.00

The redwood birdfeeder can hold a large amount of birdseed and is perfect to attract the many birds that stay north during winter months.

Redwood Bird Feeder with Screen

Crafted from sticks gathered on the Sharing Meadows property, this craft has many uses. Father Blaney calls them divining rods, and assures leprechaun hunters that this tool will take them to a pot of gold at the Leprechaun Hunt. The sticks also make great walking sticks or decorations. Villagers take great care in removing all bark from the stick, sanding the stick smooth, and applying a smooth finish.

Divining Rod/Walking Stick

There are a variety of ceramics available for sale. Some of the items include bookends, jugs, angel figurines on wooden bases, shamrock decorations, vases, and much more. The Villagers take great care glazing the ceramics so that they will make beautiful decorations.

CERAMICS – Prices Vary Depending on Size & Style

Villagers are making benches that can be used for more than just sitting. The bench lifts up on one side, held in place on the other by a hinge and a chain to keep the piece together and ensure its safety. Pine trees are cut into the side of the bench for decoration. The bench can be used to store toys, shoes, umbrellas, or other small items.

Please note: This product cannot be shipped and must be picked up by the buyer.

Storage Bench

The Villagers have been busy weaving on their looms and have created beautiful placemats, table runners and rugs in all sorts of colors.  The hand fringed rugs (approx. 30” wide) and table runners cost $.50 per inch. The placemats cost $7 each or $14 for a pair.  Sturdy, hand woven dish towels in blue or brown ticking that would make lovely hostess gifts are also available for $6.


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