William HarmonWilliam Harmon
Executive Director
Manages the day-to-day operations of SHARE Foundation including the budget, strategic planning, fundraising, personnel, and the development and operation of the residential and camp programs.

Annette BuellAnnette Buell
Executive Assistant
Assists the Executive Director in day to day operations, handles fundraiser events organization, and facilitates “Good News” newsletter mailings.

Emily BarsicEmily Barsic
Camp Coordinator & Marketing
Coordinates all aspects of camp including inviting campers, scheduling staff, planning meals and activities, ordering supplies, establishing themes, and leading teaching and discussion groups at each session. Emily also promotes the rental of the facility to outside groups for retreats and conferences.

Rana Hannoun-GondeckRana Hannoun-Gondeck
Residential Coordinator

Oversees all medical needs of the villagers, maintains inventories of household furnishings, provides ongoing training for stewards, aids in facilitating cooperative teamwork between stewards and staff.

Maron AounMaron Aoun
Work Coordinator
Organizes the vocational training program for the villagers of Sharing Meadows. Assigns daily work assignments for each villager and charts their vocational growth.

Daniel LenzoDaniel Lenzo
Maintenance Manager
Operates the woodshop and teaches the villagers woodworking skills. Maintains an inventory of supplies, maintains equipment, and designs items for the villagers to build. Oversees all aspects of maintenance at Sharing Meadows.

Vickie GourleyVickie Gourley

Answers the telephone, handles correspondence, organizes memorials for the newsletter, posts gifts, and maintains SHARE Foundation’s database. The friendly voice you typically hear on the other end of the telephone when you call SHARE Foundation.


Provides companionship, supervision, and support to the villagers of Sharing Meadows. Lives with two villagers, guiding them through daily tasks at home, laboring alongside them during the workday, and helping them make good decisions.

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