The Dream Continues

From its humble beginnings as 185 acres of undeveloped farmland, Sharing Meadows has grown to include five villages of three homes each, two storage buildings, the St. Timothy Center camp building, a swimming pool with pool house, and Father Blaney’s home with offices in the lower level. All of these accomplishments came from one simple dream: A dream of providing a peaceful place where other-abled people would be empowered to grow to become the person God created them to be amid the joy of community life.

Share Foundation Master Plan

Recent Accomplishments

4th Village

The Village of St. Jane and St. Joan, completed and opened in 2008, includes three homes, infrastructure and an eight passenger van. The cost was $417,000.

Forcey Guest House

The three bedroom guest house, a welcoming haven to visitors to Sharing Meadows, was completed and opened in 2005. Families with an other-abled child will be able to stay there for a time, interact with the Villagers, and witness first-hand the productive, full, and joyous lives they lead that provide hope for the future of their child. Cost for construction, infrastructure and furnishing was $256,000.

Guest House Exterior Guesthouse Floor Plan Guest House View A Guesthouse View B

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The Share Guest House  The Share Guest House

The Share Guest House  The Share Guest House

3rd Village

Village PlanThe three homes, furnished and including infrastructure – roads, a well, electricity, and septic systems – and an eight passenger van cost $405,000. The Village of St. Theresa was completed and opened in 2004.

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Support Fund

We need to add to the support fund to ensure support for the residential program. We do not receive a per diem rate from the State of Indiana, but rely on private donations and our own fundraising efforts. Other-abled residents are accepted based on their suitability for Sharing Meadows, not their family’s ability to pay. It’s not easy, but it’s the right thing to do. God, through generous people like you, does provide.

As we look to the future, we ask you to join us in renewing our commitment to stewardship. Your continued support will help ensure that the dream of Sharing Meadows will continue. Your gift will help SHARE Foundation continue a long tradition of serving the residential, vocational, social, and spiritual needs of other-abled individuals.

Leave a Legacy

Please consider a legacy gift to SHARE Foundation in your will. Your gift will allow other-abled individuals to continue to live as productive members of a loving community.

All bequests go directly into our Support Fund to help support the operating costs of the residential program at Sharing Meadows. Only the interest will be used, not the principal, so your gift will last forever.

To leave a bequest to SHARE Foundation in your will, the proper legal name is:

SHARE Foundation With the Handicapped, Inc. 
P. O. Box 400
Rolling Prairie, IN 46371

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